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Why i am not getting any sell of my gig ? [ARCHIVED]


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I opend my fiverr account around 5 month ago.I have 3 gigs active but i have no sell.My gig description,offer everything is okay but no sell.
I am experiance web developer,I do my job in odesk,*********** but why i dont get any sell over fiverr ?
has there any wrong with my fiverr account ?
what should i do getting rergular sell on fiverr ?

here my gigs https://www.fiverr.com/webcooder

Rasel Ahmed

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I’d really rather not start another thread on it, because there are a ton open on it already, hit a few of them up, it will help you a bit…Don’t hold your breath for revelations though, the problems are a combination issues and some do not reflect with the others, but the ending formula has created these issues. And pay attention to those turning sales, not the hall monitor types, and mouth pieces, with screen door on submarine logic…

Best Regards,

MichellTech (Rob)

Best In The Business!

Come’on, Buy A Gig Already! You Know You Want Too…!

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Webcooder, I’m going to be a bit negative here, but realistic. Your gigs have grammar and formatting errors in their descriptions. If I was a buyer, I would be hesitant to purchase from you given that others offer similar gigs. Here is the reality: I would worry that (a) if you haven’t paid attention to the details in your description enough to get it looking good, then (b) you might not pay attention to my job enough to get it looking good.

But, I’m a writer and editor so I pay attention to such things. Others may not.

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