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Would this be allowed on Fiverr?


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I am considering making a newsletter type system at which my clients can receive updates from me when I offer new services. This won’t allow them to contact me outside of Fiverr, but will allow me to email them when I release a new Fiverr service.

Of course, it will be external but there will be no link back to me outside of Fiverr.

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blah blah blah blah blah… this is what you do, dont listen to that crap number 1, number 2 contact CS, state what you want to do, be as upfront as possible, be clear on everything…

The cs will forward it to admins, that will take another week or so ontop of reaching cs, you have a 50.50 chance they will give you whats called fiverr express permission to do certain things for certain reason, when it is in direct relation to a gig requirement…this isnt public talked about because then every person that wanted to do stuff, and didnt have a clue whats “RELATED OR NOT RELATED TO A GIG REQUIREMENT” would be contacting them…but dont stres it, givem something to do… 😉

These hall monitors need to learn what help is, its not reading back a file of rules every time, its productively being a part of something to the degree that it benefits you strongly, and you benefit it strongly, and more importantly, you become a scholar over, not just person repeat rules and running up and down the halls saying no dont do this or you should do that…I know you dont get it, you mentality doesnt permit you to understand why i am forward with a few of you and in some cases abrasive, and for this reason alone, well…proof is in the puddin champ… AND good lord, not jon, but the girl, with the odd name jesus that girl speaks like, whoa… odd on very common communications…just odd for a youthful young person with a life to speak on things int hat way…oops, i may have hit the nail, i know why now…NM, I know why she speaks like that I think.

They regularly give permission for a massive number of things from external communication allowances and all sorts of things, GAIN IF its merited directly to the earnings of your gig, and I’ll say in advance Im not so sure yours is, but, doesnt hurt to find out. Just be well versed when you get to the first stop…

Best Regards,

MichellTech (Rob)

Best In The Business!

Come’on, Buy A Gig Already! You Know You Want Too…!

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