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Happy to be at fiverr.Got my 1st order in 2 days


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I see 2 issues with your gigs

  1. You created many gigs too fast (it does not matter but moved little slow)
  2. Pictures are same in few gigs (your gig will be suspended when any moderator notice it) … make some attractive and unique pictures for every geek.

    You get 2 orders … best of luck for more …
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Reply to @harishbudhwani: Hiya!

I have taken a look at your gigs and I would recommend that you take a look at the spacing of the text (there are spaces missing) and also look at the corps (the size) of your texts. In some gigs you have different sizes of text. Both things don’t look very professional which is important, especially since you also offer to write things for clients, like reviews.

Good luck with your business!

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