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Guest whitesballon

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Guest whitesballon

The visit traffic comes from real visitors who visit your website or ads. The traffic is redirected to you from people clicking on the millions of expired domains out there - or miskeyed URLs - from Google,Yahoo,Altavista. THEY ARE REAL HUMAN TRAFFIC ! You will get all 5000 hits within 7 day after you place the order. I DO NOT GUARANTEE ANY SALES! I only guarantee the traffic flow.

***Fast service 7 day

***5000 hits

***Satisfaccion guarantee seller

***Not accepted for adfly or youtube.

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Stop it, only good traffic is targeted focused traffic…

Anything else is a waste of bandwidth, time and effort…

Truth of the matter is those that have ability to get targeted traffic, don’t need or would want to sell it. Why?

Because traffic is everything, marketing is king, if its focused and targeted traffic, that converts to buyers, clickers, etc…So, you could be selling over priced colored rocks, if you had the audience and the flow, you’d make far more, much more than selling the traffic. So I hate to be the guy…but there are no legit traffic gigs, that pull the traffic people actually need, period, bottom line I said, its true, you know it, and I certainly do. Again no legit traffic gigs, in the since of I will sell you traffic, that is sold or produced on fiverr, or any micro-site, or most paid bm companies in the real world, that cost is no where in the realm of this conversation. I’m not saying their arent gigs that do other things that lead to visibility, which is traffic, but the raw I sell you traffic gigs, bogus, nonsense, not real, waste of money…Take it or leave, its the truth…They know selling it, you do too deep down buying it…

And your a brand new seller from most likely a banned or removed account, with a bunch of fast copy paste gigs, with images that has never made a single sale.

How is that a Satisfaccion guarantee seller? lol Hush already, your making yourself look even more silly than you already are…

Best Regards,

MichellTech (Rob)

Best In The Business!

Come’on, Buy A Gig Already! You Know You Want Too…!

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