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WARNING: Scammers using keyloggers

Guest snhigginsss

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Guest snhigginsss

I’m just writing this to warn people on here.

I got an inbox the other day from a user (marykramer996 from Egypt) asking for a drawing of a cat. They sent a reference photo, so I downloaded it and messaged them back. I scanned the photo and nothing came up on AVG, so I opened it.

About half an hour later I received a message from a user (mohamed_ also from Egypt) simply saying, “Hello are you there?” followed by the passwords for any site, including this one, that I had visited during that time. The passwords were all correct. I changed my passwords, but received an e-mail to my personal account with the new password as the subject and the same, “HELLO” written in it.

I assumed it was a keylogger, so It then spent the next two days aggressively scanning my computer and trying to weed the it out. I had all the logs, the sample picture virus, and temps removed. I restarted, and the picture was the first thing to pop up upon start up. My computer then crashed and the operating system vanished.

I had to format it twice, almost lost all my important files.

I sent two reports to Fiverr Staff and never heard back.

This is serious, what if I had logged into my online banking or my credit cards? I still don’t trust my own computer anymore. I don’t know if I trust this site being connected to my Paypal anymore.

Again, just a warning that if you get a message from either of these people, please report it and ignore it.


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