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How do I contact my Fiverr supplier?


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Hi, I hope someone from this group can help me, because I don’t know whom I should contact.

On my 1st order to create a FB cover, the seller provided the work with Modification button. So I used it to request to change the title, and the writing on the FB cover.

Then on 2nd order, with no background change. I only wanted her to replace the photos and change the font. She delivered it, but it was the final version. There was no modification button, for me to request for minor modification.

I tried to reach out to her by click on the Contact the Seller with detail info about my request and the 2nd order #.

I did it twice, and it’s been a week, and I still did not see her reply for my request.

What should I do to get in touch with this seller?

How many modifications request per order?

Thank you.

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