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The right thing to do when you have bad service


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Hello i was wondering that this was okay: I had ordered a service from a seller before for 2k for $40 and he cheated me out of votes and likes (yes there is the complication since there is a vote count) but i had calculated the votes since i asked a person ahead and told me how she bought 2k votes and she has done no physical work getting votes) and i should have been ahead of this lady but never did. So after the order was complete i gave a review of 4 stars since he did not deliver me all the votes and because he only answered me every 12 hours!!! where i would sometimes only talk once a day and so he wanted me take the review off and i said in the condition he would give me better service and he himself offered to supply me extra votes then and so i ordered again… MY BIG MISTAKE! I ordered and he said he started but he took 12 hours AGAIN to even start when i asked it to be delivered in 24 hours and since i did not believe him so much i myself took the task to giving likes to pages, contests, photos and ect… and the people would give me a like count as long with some comment if they do more then 5x and i would tell him the votes i got in that hour … He would then go on saying that with my second order started at 2,400 and 3100 and say that he delivered me 700 votes!!! When he had only delivered me 500 as for i had counted 200. I was most frustrated that when he was inactive and not getting votes (because of sleeping time) I was still doing votes on my account and i changed positions which i was ENTHUASITIC ABOUT!! But he went on to even take on that it was because of him only! i was frustrated and told when he had delivered way less then 40% of the order that i was canceling because i was tired of bad service and didn’t want give him another bad review and he went on to continue with the order and started say that 95 % of order was complete but was untrue since he said with each vote there is a like and there was only 1,500 likes (including my own hard work of over 400 likes today) and the agreed order was officially 2400 since he was giving me extra orders. Do you believe i did the right thing???

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