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Cancellation going to end in 2 hours, Help


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Hi friends

so i had a little problem or so i think,

I had a buyer who ordered my gig without even messaging me, ok

So he asked me bunch of drawings that would cost 50$, and he paid 5$ !!!

i sent him 3 messages to get mutual cancellation along with the reasons.

But he still didn’t respond to me

Just asking if it would affect me if he doesn’t respond to my mutual cancellation, since the cancellation will be in less then 2 hours ?!

i’m scared, i’m just getting started here, and i don’t want to have negative feedback and cancellations.

what should i do, i’m scared the buyer will get in fiverr and finds out that i canceled his order and get me negative feedback

Thank you so much

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Instead of turning in work you can turn in a letter like the one below

Hello (User),

In order for me to complete my gig I need to be able to communicate with you. Please tell paypal to refund your 5$ and reorder this gig so we can try again 🙂 I look forward from hearing from you.

Or something along those lines…

You will not be hurt in anyway by doing this and you get a 2nd shot with working with your customer!

I Hope this helps!

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I am going to write this part quickly before you make a big mistake. Do NOT tell the buyer to have PayPal refund their money. as someone else suggested That is against the Fiverr Terms of Service and would get the buyer’s account banned which could definitely be a big problem. I’ll add more but I want to get this posted now.

Editing to add more information:

If he doesn’t respond to your mutual cancellation request that will result in a force cancel. That could affect your cancellation ratio in a negative way, yes, but it is better than some alternatives. Since you aren’t level 1 yet you aren’t going to lose levels are extras and you have time to make some good sales with good ratings and repair any damage. Fiverr might also be willing to help if you send the details to Customer Service in one ticket and then be very patient (it could take a few weeks) while they look into it. Even while you wait, though, just keep working on getting good orders and building your reputation and you’ll be OK.

If the order is cancelled and the buyer doesn’t decline the mutual request the order will not complete, it will refund the buyer’s money and they cannot leave you negative feedback or poor ratings. I would suggest sending them another polite and well-worded reply to explain that you really need to communicate with them and they can then re-order if they wish. Many buyers will work with you if they realize it was a communication issue and you aren’t trying to cause them problems.

I hope that helps!

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Guest iwritecopy

If he does not respond to the cancellation request, the gig will be cancelled without any negative feedback. He will be given a refund. He will not be able to rate you.

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Reply to @seanc99: Thank you, i got your point, i’ve been so polite and explain my reasons and such, but the problem is the user didn’t even log in fiverr and it’s been tow whole days , and i assume it’s a new user.

Please could you tell me, if the order get cancelled without him knowing, will it affect me ? and will it get hims his money back.

I would love to abort the cancellation if he messages me back, but cancel it now and deliver what costs 50$ for 5$ , that i won’ be able to accept .

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Reply to @fifikawaii: Best wishes on it! I really freaked out the first time I had to do a mutual cancel and that one was even with buyer support from the get-go. I just hated doing it but I had to be honest with the buyer and they wanted things I couldn’t offer at the time and weren’t in my gig. Now I’ve had to do a few and they’ve turned out OK. Reduces my stress for sure. From what I hear, it’s easier to come back from cancels than bad ratings unless your cancellations are non-mutual and/or sky high.

Bottom line for me is, I could still go back to corporate work if I wanted to live with the stress of crazy demands! Think of it this way too - if the buyer is really angry that you canceled due to his or her lack of response, would they have also been just as angry if you’d tried to fulfill the order to inhuman perfection?

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Reply to @fonthaunt: you’re absolutely right, and nothing is perfect in life anyway so we have to expect buyers like those once a time and they are not bad,it’s just they don’t read your description and then get you in awkward situations and such .

anyway i hope you and i and all great sellers and buyers get satisfied and happy 🙂

Good luck to you.

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