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Please help! I can't log in to Fiverr with my other account


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Hi - I’m a new user to Fiverr. I created a Fiverr account about a week ago. I have paid for two gigs that I cannot access because I cant log in to Fiverr. I created this new account a few minutes ago hoping to be able to get some help. However, I still cant access any work that was done because it’s under a different username. I am so frustrated because I have put in 2 requests for service with no response. Meanwhile, my work remains captive and puts me behind schedule. I would love to keep using Fiverr but if this keeps happening, I can’t because I need reliable service. Can anyone please help me?? I would be so grateful.

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Other account? Didnt know you could have more than one…

Contact support, forums will do you no good…Just a bunch of hall monitors that aren’t real helpful actually. Goto customer service, explain to them the situation…

Best Regards,

MichellTech (Rob)

Best In The Business!

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