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My Journey from "a seller" to "A Top Rated Seller" :)


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Hello fiverr community,

I hope you people are having fun with your gigs and making money ;). Today is a very special day for me. I have achieved Top Rated Seller at a place which totally changed my life.

I wanted to share my story with you. I still remember when i had joined fiverr. A friend of mine had introduced me to this community. Fiverr was pretty new that time. I signed up, made some gigs related to writings and left. I never thought fiverr will be among top 300 sites one day. I came back to fiverr after one year. I was totally amazed how people were enjoying and making lots of money.

I browsed around gigs, found top rated sellers, found sellers with dozens of orders in line. Something urged me and i decided to join and achieve the same.

I made some new gigs. I still remember, for first 3 months of my come back, i had merely got around 20 sales or so but it was good as a start. I used to check requests by other people and always messaging them. Many of them responded and i somehow built a good list of clients. Now, It was the show time 🙂

Being a business student, i had pretty good communication skills. It helped me alot. Today i admit apart from everything, communication skills matter a lot in building a good customer relationship. You need to be more responsive, speedy and feel the responsibility of tasks being assigned.

During the journey, i did met some ‘bad’ buyers too but trust me, today they are my best clients. You need to tolerate them, need to show more emotional stability and you will make it.

Today, fiverr has changed my life. I have got my own car, my own apartment. I bear my own university fees and all at age of 21.

No doubt, i am feeling at top of world today with over 6000 sales, 100% ratings and not even a single negative review 🙂

I would like to say something to new sellers. Trust me you can make millions of it but only if you want to MAKE IT. You have to put energy in everything you offer and race will be yours!



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Reply to @freestyle25:

Ups and downs are a part of every journey. You need to build a smooth flow, rest will work as automated.

95% buyers will act good and show agreeableness. Rest 5% are dangerous and will not care about you. I think i have gone though it but successfully i turned them into good ones.

Extra value in delivered work will always make other smile and have them appreciate you the most.

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I was wondering what your top 5 tips would be for me to become a top rated seller?
I am now at level 2 and I am very happy of that achievement but now I would like to know
the steps I should take to becoming a top rated seller.

What would you suggest?

Thank you so much !


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