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What is the difference between Impressions, Clicks and Views? [ARCHIVED]


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Well I give you credit for asking…and empowering yourself…

Despite the situation I’ll help you out here, though its very basic and common knowledge for anyone in the Tech/net/computer/modern functional arena…etc etc

IMPRESSION/ is when a browser loads a page with your content on it.

VIEW / is when someone’s browser navigates directly to your content to see it (perhaps from an impression)

CLICK / is when someone literally clicks directly on your content for a closer look.

Now all of these have other sub meanings, but those should be what you pay attention to as you expand your knowledge…

impressions can tell you how popular your page is in general by have content in direct relation to you loads on several browsers combined with views and or clicks, giving you a more complete picture of your contents true visibility…

I hope this helps…I dumb it all the way down…no insult intended their sir, really, its a figure of speech…I’m just saying i tried to reveal it in a way you could understand… I hope it was clear enough, if not, or you want even more in-depth information, cause those categories go alot deeper, let me know, for now that should help you grasp it all…

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Good question. Since I am new as a seller on Fiverr I had wondered the same thing. MitchellTech is technically right. However, in the context of Fiverr I believe the answer is more specific.

Here is what I think the answer is for Fiverr:

Impressions = The number of time that particular offer is made visible to a potential buyer. For example, the number of times your main image or video thumbnail are shown in a search or a category view.

Clicks = The number of times someone clicks on your main image or thumbnail from a search or a category view.

Views = The number of times your Fiverr offer is reloaded. For instance a potential buyer may have clicked on it once and have returned multiple times.

Let me know if this helps.

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Reply to @marketwithsteve: Thanks for putting it in those terms. However we said the said thing, I just applied it to technical meaning. Are there are MUCH deeper meanings behind impression for example but you’d have to have a strong grasp on a couple other things for it to make since. So I left it out. I think you should make a post with how you explained it in ref to Fiverr Specifically, it will deem helpful to a lot of people on here, I’m sure of it…Well done.

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