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So after a lot of hard work my rating drops just like that!


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I have been working through this site for like a few months now and I tried to deliver more than excellent quality to my buyers and meet the deadlines and be nice and every thing and it was awesome for a while ,until this Buyer ordered my gig before messaging me witch I clearly stated on my gig description to always contact me before ordering or I’ill cancel !! but this buyer didn’t and ordered my gig right away so I canceled and apologized and explained that we should discuss first but no reply and the buyer declined my cancellation request !! so I canceled again and again she keeps declining again and again with no reply . this happens like 4 times until the order deadline passed so that I am supposed to work on her order by force !!! … then she accepted my cancellation request so order is canceled after the delivery date because she keeps declining cancellation request and I am left with a bad review just like that ! now I can’t submit offers !!! this really made me angry I really didn’t expect to get a bad review because of something like this .

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Buyers don’t have to contact you before ordering, regardless of what you write in your gig description.

Also, if a buyer orders a second time and then cancels, tell that buyer not to order again, to order from someone else. I had an experience like that with a buyer that never liked my work, after the third time I asked her not to order again, and she honored my request.

By the way, there are only two ways you can get a bad review.

  1. You’re late, so the buyer does a forced cancellation.
  2. You deliver on time but the buyer didn’t like your work and doesn’t ask for a refund.

If it’s #1, don’t be late. Ask for an extension (resolution center) or cancel the order.

If it’s #2, there’s not much you can do. I try to manage buyer’s expectations on the gig description, but even then, there’s going to be people that don’t like your work. Very few people stay at 100% forever. As the saying goes, “those who don’t fail, don’t try.”

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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