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Buyer misunderstood the nature of the gig


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My current client purchased 3 of the same gigs with me. The gig stated that I would sell 1000 word researched essay, listed topics, stated time as 4 days. Fine. He needed a 3 page essay, so he bought 3 Fiverrs from me. Here’s the problem. Each is the same topic, each states 4 days for 1000 word research but what I think he wanted was one essay on the topic, to be 3 pages long, approx. 3000 words delivered in 4 days. His essay sailed over to him yesterday, with all stated content. Now I have a situation where the company thinks I have 2 more outstanding Fiverrs for this chap. Can’t find anyplace to contact company. Anyone have information on this snafu?

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