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Gig ideas to help reach Top Seller status


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I currently operate a Voice Over gig that has over 250 completed gigs and I average 20 gigs a week.

However, I cannot get to a top rated seller status without a successful second gig.

Voice Overs are my specialty. But I am having trouble figuring out what to do as a second gig to help achieve the sought after “Top Rated” seller status.

Any thoughts? Thanks again!


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Good question. I’m in kind of the same boat. I’m a writer and I get tons of work. I do a consistently good job and get virtually all excellent feedback.

But since I don’t have a ‘creative’ gig I can’t get the bump? Since I’m focused on providing excellent service on a niche that I’m particularly good at rather than spreading out my efforts into areas where I might not excel I don’t get to be TRS?

I don’t really like it! I hope Fiverr someday changes the requirements to become a TRS.

That being said, I have no good advice for you. lol…just felt like complaining!

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@elliott22x Congrats on your success! I noticed that your primary gig is impersonations. Perhaps a 2nd gig just focused on a straight North American male voiceover? That way people don’t question if that’s available with your other gig, with the focus on character voices, and you can filter all your straight voiceovers there and build up another gig as successfully.

I divide my singing gigs by genre and it seems to work pretty well, rather than one massive gig saying I can sing anything. I think specificity is generosity; the easier you make it on the buyer to clearly understand what you offer, the better.

Or, perhaps a video gig doing your impressions, if you have fun expressions that go with your vocalizations?

It’s nice to meet someone else doing vocal work here. 🙂

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