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Please give me tips to market and advertise my gigs


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I’m MikeArtworks and I’ve been selling on Fiverr for over 8 months now, but recently one of my gigs was denied, which caused my whole account (all gigs) to be removed from the search (can’t see them with the search). Now people can only reach it through my profile page.

So that makes me have to market and advertise outside of Fiverr. I’ve had trouble with this forever, just can’t find where, what and how to advertise it. I can make a facebook page yes, but 0 followers won’t do. You could say: “order some real/fake followers for your page” but that is most likely not going to help, as those are not interested in ordering designs for logos, banners, website etc…

So yes, my category is Logos, Banners, Website, basically anything for companys, websites & starting entrepreneurs. Please, give me good tips, places and ideas to market them. Paid ad’s are possible, as long as they are within price ranges (5$-15$, maybe 20$) and give (almost) GUARENTEED results.

Any help is welcome, please be serious.

Thank you.

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