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Can anyone tell me how I can improve my selling Gigs ? Kindly share your view TPS

Guest online_mind_24

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If you want to get more sales, you have to promote your gigs heavily. You can either choose to use free promotion or paid promotion. I would prefer you use paid promotion to get maximum result. One of the best ways to promote your gigs is by using Facebook Ads, the results are awesome. But if you want to use the free promotion, you need to have a Facebook page and a Twitter Account. You need to make sure that you have enough Facebook page likes and enough Twitter followers. If you need Real and Unique Facebook page likes then visit this link http://■■■■■■/r6Z0IS or if you need Real Twitter followers then check this link


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Reply to @traffic_demon: promotion is useless simple as that.

if there was a ebay2 website that had many sellers selling cheap items like iphone and game console just like current ebay website and you promote your page link only when you get visitors most likely they will bounce of your gig page and start to view more about the site ignoring your gig.

scientist told me this

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Reply to @kjblynx: am not refferring to facebook likes etc

am talking about getting buyers from social networks.

its like this at first i didn’t know about fiverr.com i was looking for something and i found this gig on fiverr that offered what i wanted , now that i found that gig i didn’t hire the user instead i started to browse the site get to know more about it then do some search for gigs , also the first gig i got bumped into i forgot about him.

this is how it works , people se your gig then they will think hold on if he offers these gigs there must be others doing the same thing thats it that buyers gone


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Study your competition. You say you’ll do someone’s math homework?

Look at this guy:

I will do statistics homework, assignments for $5


He’s specific, that’s why he has 10 orders in his queue and hundreds of reviews.


Why not create specific math gigs like calculus, algebra, trigonometry?

If I’m struggling with trig, I won’t be searching “math homework” but trigonometry or trigonometry homework.

I see your understand chemistry and physics, why not “I will do chemistry equations” or "I will solve your physics problems."

And watch your spelling:

“I will do Your online mymathlab Homework Assignments for $5” looks terrible, try this:

"I will do MyMathLab Homework in 3 days for $5"

Then charge them another $5 for 24-hour delivery

Most importantly, search different keywords and see what comes out. If nobody’s doing something, that can be a huge opportunity.

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