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Create a video for your gig and get more sales on fiverr!


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I have found that I get more views and in turn get a little more sells for creating videos for each one of my gigs, if you are struggling on fiverr to make sells try this and see if it helps you get more views and more sells. Videos are really powerful in business these days especially on sites like fiverr, you give people a chance to see you, or your work they are more likely to buy a gig from you.

I have bought gigs on here the last 3 years and just recently became a seller, and my first gig I started I put a 1 minute video and like one day I started getting sells, and I think it is because of the video I have with it, I just give people a chance to see who they are going to buy a gig from, and what I can do for them.

Plus make sure your grammer is correct people tend to buy from those people that take the time to make sure what they are writing, people can understand, if you write like a 1st grader then you might as well forget about making many sells if any at all. Other than that just have fun doing what you love to do and people will see that, and will continue to buy from you.

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