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Fed up! why am i not getting any sales? can some one help?


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Hi, I’m guessing that you have already tried promoting your gigs using

Facebook, twitter, tumbler, etc. If not, I suggest you do it right away.

So this is what I personally thought:

Your photo reading gig is unique I think, but maybe for some people it seems

simply interesting, but it stops there, and they don’t feel the need to buy your gig???

For the best friend photo gig, I get the feeling some people don’t want to know their friends’ secrets,

and don’t want to surprise/embarrass them by pointing out their secrets in front of them.

Sherlock Holmes is an interesting character, but if someone came up to me in real life

and started pointing things out which I think is private, I don’t think I’ll enjoy it.

As for the magic trick, even though your tricks might be unique, I’m sure there are many

magic tricks available on youtube, it seems like many other sellers are providing the same type of gig, and there are websites ( and sometimes TV shows) that teaches you the tricks on how to notice if people are lying.

having that said, if you are really good at what you do, I’m sure you’ll be able to

impress a lot of people. Maybe offer a buy one get one free, or add more video samples??

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Your services are incompatible with each other and trust in delivering a logo is eroded by the other services

No-one wants to buy opinions based on a photo

My suggestion is to drop these gigs and focus on design work

Build up a strong portfolio and you are likely to see orders

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Yeah I would take down the other four gigs you have and concentrate on the logo creation gigs, because it does make you look like your not professional, I also would add a video to your logo gig so people can see some of your work, or they can see you on the camera telling them what they will get from you.

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