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About orders going past average delivery?


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I do video editing and I have been getting kind of a lot of orders. Some are real slow to get back to me about revisions they may want, and others don’t provide me with all the materials I need. For instance yesterday I was given a bunch of footage to make 10 1 minute long videos of kills combines with some music effects and transitions and I only have enough for 2 and some of a 3rd.

I don’t want to get on fiverrs bad side, and I’m trying to turn everything over as fast as I can. How bad is it for orders to take longer than the average time given? should I increase mine?

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Guest iwritecopy

If you have a lot of late deliveries it can have an impact on how well you rank and if you are 24 hours over your deadline your order changes from “late” to “very late” at which time a buyer can cancel the gig and you are given an irrevocable negative feedback. If you feel like you are struggling to keep up you should definitely increase your delivery time!

Since you are a level 1 seller I do believe that means you can add a “fast delivery” extra as well. I would increase the delivery time a day or two and then have the option of faster delivery with an additional payment.

If you are struggling to keep up with things now imagine what they will be like if your gig starts to get more popular? Not only will you get overwhelmed and run the risk of cancellations, trying to deliver orders faster than you are humanly capable of is going to lead to serious burnout.

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My gut is to raise your delivery time. I would also suggest targeting business video editing. You may have more traffic there and could potentially make $5-$150.00 per project. When I first saw your video editing thumbnail, I thought you were editing “gameplay” video. I had to force myself to watch your video before I finished this post.

Late jobs? It really is more about your customer being happy. I have had customer’s drag out an order for more that 30 days. I actually had a order that was late (because of the customer) the day I received Top Rated Seller Status. But anything late should have your full attention. It’s not great, but I try to outlast them with my attitude and commitment to it being perfect for them. My adjustment requests take priority each day. It is important for these adjustments to happen in a couple of hours. At least in 24 hours. This will really impress the customer. Don’t let them get shelved until you have time. It won’t work.

One of my first videos I did was for a Kiosk video for a trade show for $5. They actually ordered it on Fiverr. Kind of funny. It was so far from what I offered on the gig, but I wanted to get it under my belt. We worked on that back and forth for more than 3 weeks. The only thing that causes us to stop changing it was the trade show.

Continue to work with your gig descriptions to encourage them to message you before they order. This will allow dialog about the job before it starts. You mentioned 10 videos. Encourage them to order 1 at a time unless you have already delivered work for them. I just did 20 videos for a educational website release and we did one and delivered it first. Made sure they liked the format. Then we did one order for each video. they ranged between $80-$175 each. I want to encourage you about the potential. You are on the edge of something great.

Try to catch potential issues with the gig within several hours after they order. Communication is the key.

The custom quote button at level 2 will help a lot, but we did a bunch of projects without it. That is a great feature and not only let’s you quote a price but also a delivery time.

Keep projects simple and don’t try to offer all things to all people. Most of my frustrations were corrected through me making changes. and weren’t usually the customer’s fault. Taking a step back and trying again. I have changed my offers on the same gig 2 and three times. Also changing the intro videos. It’s ok to invest time into making the gigs great. Put extra time in the first 100 deliveries. You won’t make a better investment in any other small business.

Embrace the limitations of the levels. It will help position you great as you grow.

I use Sony Vegas Pro. Awesome!

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