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Cancellation in less than 24 hours, gig is nonrefundable


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Hi eveyone,

I’m looking for general feedback on this. I offer English language lessons through the site, so naturally my clients select set days and time to have a lesson with me. However, I’ve lately been running into the problem of clients cancelling only a few hours or less before the start of a gig (in this case a lesson). If I put the disclaimer in my gig that any cancellations not made 24 hours prior to the start of the lesson will result in a non-refundable fee (in this case, the price of the gig). I also thought about typing a short clear statement to send out via email that each new client has to sign (electronically) that says they understand the non-refundable policy. So that is my idea of what I would like to do since all these last minute cancellations make me lose money because I could have scheduled another student into that time slot. What are your thoughts on this?

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