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Suggestion Box Great Idea for Fiverr which can revolutionize whole fiverr System


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yes !!

i get a great idea which can change the whole system

A instant chat messenger between seller and buyer like in the facebook ( i got idea from there only )

if seller is online - green light should blink and for offline nothing


  1. More the live communication more will be order, more will be orders then obviously profit scale of every seller increases.

    2.Instant reply (no need to wait in the message box for new message to come)

    3.Can easily sort out the issues happened in the gig, if buyer didn’t like the delivery

    4.If you people introduce microphone system(no words to say, freaking awesome )

    5.Seller and buyer both will be happy , then

    what else needed ? all the problem that are arising now sorted out …cool

    6 Finally last but not the least because more advantages are there but not coming now but

    can be seen in near future

    Fiverr Will be in more or huge profit compared to today’s situation

    I am not asking anything for my this idea

    but if you really love it

    what ever you give me i’ll take it as memorable gift.



    (Shivam raj)–> love u fiverr <3
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