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Frustrating Buyer Requests Page


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Hi there!

I think the buyer requests page on fiverr is a great feature, although as a seller I’ve been finding it rather frustrating recently. Here are a couple of improvements that I think, if carried out, would enhance the system:

  1. Sellers should be able to click on the submitted requests to open them up, and view them in full, in a separate window.

    I suggest this because I find it that often the request is too long to view the complete sentence, even if you hover over it. Also, people often submit requests that include a long URL, which is a nightmare to re write out as you are unable to ‘highlight’ it to copy it (See attached image no. 1).This would also allow people submitting requests to add more detail, for example attach a brief, or an image of what they have in mind.
  2. Sellers should be able to choose which gig they use to ‘send offer’ - not be restricted to the ones fiverr has automatically picked out.

    I suggest this, because I keep finding that fiverr’s suggestions are completely irrelevant. For example, say I want to apply for a request to create a PowerPoint. My own closest gig is “I will send you a Stylish Business Powerpoint Template for $5”. Naturally, I would want to submit this to the buyer as an example of my work. However, this is not always an option!! Rather, i find myself having to choose between sending him a gig for icons, video intros or tips, not powerpoints! (See attached image no. 2).

    Any one else frustrated by these features? Any way we can get these improved?

    I’d love to hear what you think, and thanks in advance!


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I’m here because I came on earlier and found somewhere I could request a gig I require. I now cannot find that page and don’t even know where to look or if I had any replies! I’ve tried search and help and looked at every button that is obvious. Still don’t know!

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