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How I get buyers and you can too - Ignore all the merchants of Doom


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This is how I get sales and let me just state this. I am not posting on behalf of fiverr and what I am posting is my own opinion and my own experience .

First of all let’s put one thing to rest here. There are person or persons going around the forum claiming fiverr’s traffic has fallen off a cliff and the end of days is here is not only incorrect but the opposite of what is happening. Traffic is going up both from advertising and organic rankings and yes I can see this and have access to this information and no it is not free and no I am not going to post it on here.

I have had a lot of people and I do mean a lot contact me outside here recently, worried that fiverr is favoring certain sellers, that buyers have all gone and new sellers cannot get sales anymore and concerned they are wasting their time even signing up. All this is coming from what people have been posting & reading on here.

This is my response to this. No business or business owners in their right mind are going to favor specific sellers it does not make financial sense and its rubbish. Buyers are here, you just have to target them the right way and new sellers can get sales and that is a given. Just go and browse gigs and you will see this.

if that is the case why are people not getting sales?

I have had numerous people ask me how I started getting sales when I started on here, if you can make a full time living on here and complaints about being too many sellers etc… Even from the time I started on here I have heard the same thing over and over again. It’s too hard, there is too much competition. Hard work seems to put a lot of people off…

This is how I really got started on here….

I took a look at the site to see what people are or rather were selling. This is quite a while ago and even then there was a lot of competition. You may think several years ago there were less sellers. This is true but the competition was there. Imagine a site where people are watching each other closely and jumping onto what others were selling successfully and that is exactly how it was and less sellers does not equate to less competition.

What I did was this. I took a piece of software, I modified the code and used it in a specific way for gigs.

What I did next was this. I approached a LOT of people marketing products and services and offered them deals to promote my gigs to their buyers. They got discounts and I got free publicity and sales. This was and is very effective.

At this point let me put a few things to bed here.

There are too many people on the site to make sales.

If you rephrase that as there are too many people on the site selling the same thing or selling rubbish you might get nearer to the truth.

In my opinion you either find something that is unique or you market it in a unique way to make it unique. Anything else such as copying and pasting other sellers gigs and you are going to struggle. How you do that is up to you but no one is going to hold your hand.

If you provide sub-standard services you are going to get no sales. People try it on all day every day. I have people contacting me on other forums all the time saying have you seen that or have you seen what this guy is doing. If you are going to last and benefit on fiverr it is all about building long term relationships and delivering services that people will promote for you and that includes your buyers. The best promotion for your gigs is not facebook, twitter, pinterest, google plus or your gran. It’s your buyers.

Do not take buyers for idiots. A lot of people do that and think they can palm them off with anything. You may get away with it once or twice but there are two things you will not get. Repeat buyers and long term sales. Buyers share their experiences and work they buy on here outside here. I can guarantee you that and sooner or later ( usually sooner) people will wise up if you are up to anything shady and your sales will grind to a halt.

If you deliver a good service trust me you will not have to spend all day every day on facebook and twitter with a bowl in your hand begging for sales, you will get people promoting your gigs for you.

Without mentioning any names I can tell you I get sales from very big companies, very well known entrepreneurs and from start-ups with a lot of venture capital behind them and get sales from word of mouth outside here and if anyone tells you fiverr is not being used by business ignore them. That is as far from the truth as can be.

If you have something worth buying people will buy it, companies will buy it and by selling products or services your buyers want they will become the best form of promotion you can have.

Lets come to people promoting their gigs on social media. I have a computer on my desk that I use for social media and monitoring social media. Sometimes I leave it on all day monitoring hashtags and promotions for fiverr and I can see so many people doing the same thing all day every day. All people are doing is tweeting , posting on facebook, and on other platforms with “buy my gigs”. This is not how you use social media. If someone walked up to you on the street and asked you for a fiverr what would you say? probably something that would get censored on here… and that is what people are effectively doing. If you start posting useful information and drop in the occasional gig you will get a different response.

If you start posting on twitter every few minutes trying to promote your gigs people are going to ignore you. That is not promotion that is spam with spam and more spam on top. A lot of people on here are doing exactly that.

There was one person on here complaining that they could get no sales and only spammers were succeeding. Without saying anything to them I took a look at how they were promoting their gigs and they were doing exactly this. You will never get sales this way and will do the opposite. If you want to use social media you need to post material people want to read, not have an account that resembles a tin of mouldy spam.

A lot of people also refuse to promote their fiverr gigs thinking it is going to destroy their credibility or any business they have outside here. This is nonsense ,unless you are selling sub standard services that you do not want people to know about. A lot of companies use fiverr to do the opposite. Sell goods and services on here and show buyers their feedback on here as proof of the quality of their work.

If you want sales I would ignore all the bringers of doom posting on here. Promote whatever you want to sell, properly, and the sales will come in.

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