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There are lot of ways to increase your sales and buyers,

here are some i’m sharing which i used

  1. Write best description of your gig
  2. Share on facebook, twitter, google plues and other social medias
  3. Read Top rated sellers gig’s description and try to write them in your own words
  4. Do best job and get top starts

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  1. Done

  2. Done but it’s never gotten me any sales as far as I know

  3. Good idea

  4. Most important thing you can do




    I haven’t tried this, but some people start a blog to promote their services. So if you design logos, maybe you can post them there to find other buyers. If you don’t like blogs, start a Facebook Page with your interests.




    Since my services are of a different nature, I don’t do that.

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Hi! @surazlfc49 🙂

@asi_9207 you’re so right 🙂

@fastcopywriter you’re a top seller! How did you do that? 🙂

I can say I started a youtube channel [ http://www.youtube.com/videofiverrgigs ] and blog a week or two ago [ http://www.videofiverrgigs.com ] and it didn’t bring me people yet, but I know now that my gigs are out there and there is a thing: even that the internet is instant… the results start coming after 6 months… so what we can do is, just like the winners, don’t look left and right, and just run as best as we can as fast as we can 🙂

Mark 🙂


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