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For all Fiverr buyers and sellers PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS


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Here is an I email I saw that was sent to Fiverr about the new fee being charged.

“Here is a word of advice from a legal business viewpoint.

Gigs are not “Five Bucks” any more with the new fiverr processing fee added to buyers purchases. Since services are no longer five dollars I am sure it will only be a matter of time before someone smart starts a class action lawsuit against Fiverr for false advertising.

Take some and advice here and fire the person(s) that thought this stunt up and resind the new fee while you still can and have the time to do it. I am fairly certain Fiverr is a very small company and could not withstand a lawsuit of a class action type and survive it.

The whole business model of the company revolves around service being only five dollars. Now someone at Fiverr has thought of changing that and thus altering your business model. Fiverr is not an airlines who can get away with charging fee’s for every little thing.

I encourage you to forward this email to the corporate counsel of Fiverr and also the owners and board members. As I said it will only be a matter of time before someone begins a suit against Fiverr and once that has happened and is in the public domain online I venture to guess that Fiverr will cease to exist and someone smart will immediately start a like web business and pick up right where Fiverr ended.”

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Well, I just got my “Spend $10 get $5 back” promotional email. The problem with that is is that I already have $5 sitting in my account from a previous offer, one I am sure is no longer valid, but still shows as being in the account. Every gig now has the processing fee attached to it. I can never use the $5 credit, nor would I be able to use another one if I spent $10 now to obtain it, because, when I go attempt to use the credit it is only $5 and does not include the processing fee, therefore making that credit null and void. Nor can I use them together, because it is only one credit per gig ordered. I am investigating very strongly how to start a Class Action lawsuit concerning this matter, as it is blatantly wrong.

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Guest swagdesi

Reply to @digitalwizard: Fiverr wont charge you $0.5 if you use your Fiverr Credit.

They will only charge if you use paypal or bit coins to purchase Gigs and place the order.

But if you use your Fiverr Balance you wont be charged the processing fees

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