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Congrats! You just got an order from Buyer and Instructions for Buyer


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This discussion is about How you feel when you get this email or notification? and whats your first step?

“Congrats! You just got an order from Buyer” $-)

When i was new on Fiverr i got really nervous :-S that i don’t know what buyer is expecting or may be my results are not that much good which satisfy him/her. But fortunately at start i got all the Sweet buyers who were polite and cooperative and i was lucky. #:-S

I never used the section “Instructions to buyers”.

After my signup to fiverr few days later i bought a gig from someone else and i placed an order the thing which impressed me was buyer instruction came up and start was like:

"Hey wait settle down i am not gonna make your blog fly high 🙂 … then further gig related instructions"

So i thought yeah this is another way to kill high expectations but it need little modification indeed :D.

If the Instructions are well written this will definitely help you get Positive feedback, it will also tackle even the complex buyers which are always suspicious /🙂 about your gig and they order just to spoil seller’s ratings. ~X(

also specifically mention and exclude things which you think the buyer may confuse himself.

If nothing comes up Put a welcome message with smile at least.

My First Step after an order is placed is quickly respond to buyer to confirm him/her that i am Active/Prompt/awake 🙂 mostly buyers appreciate that.

In my next Post i will discuss about how to change negative :-q feedback into positive 8-> .

Hope you like these tips. i will further update it later.

By the way this is my first post on Forum 🙂

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At first I’m squeeeeeeeeeeee and then I get a little nervous wondering if they’re going to ask me to do something I can’t/won’t do, but they haven’t yet. crosses fingers My customers have pushed my boundaries and creativity in all the right ways 😃

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In a matter of 2 seconds, all this runs through my mind

  2. Oh crap, which deck should I use
  3. I wonder if my husband is going to call me and interrupt my work
  4. Am I hungry?
  5. What if they hate me?
  6. I need a glass of tea first
  7. Am I hungry?
  8. Hm… how much time do I have left?
  9. I wonder if they’ll hate me.
  10. Am I hungry?

    (I always wonder if I’m hungry cause I’m prego. LOL)
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