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How to be confident of purchasing a new buyer's gig?


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I had been on Fiverr for many months now. I started my first account 9 months ago and pretty much failed when I was level 1 due to poor customer fulfillment needs. Which is the reason of my poor rating. So I’d decided to create a 2nd account 1 month ago. There, I am doing very well!

From my experience, I would like to share with the buyers out there. Of course, everyone wants to have the best protected and assured. Here are tips on how to protect yourself. How to be definite before purchasing a seller’s gig. Especially, “new” sellers.

  1. Description - A good description, preferably long and understandable. Proves that the gig is showing well regulated features of customer’s expectations.(Check out mine for an example)

  2. Gig Gallery/Video - Original. No shuttle-stocks(If have, a decent editing of the pic or video). Best shows if the person films himself presenting a gig proves originality.

  3. Support speed- Give a day or 2 for the seller to reply upon your inquiry. If no avail, stay out of gig! 🙂

    Not always top rated seller’s gigs does the best! Sometimes there are also new sellers which we don’t know about, doing way better than others. Always when I outsource gigs on Fiverr for my projects, I click on “New” gigs to check out new sellers gigs too!

    To all buyers, Comment your what you think below :)!
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