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How do I add Gig Extras to my gig?


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I just stumbled upon this site and as a designer and sign maker it seems like a really cool way to stir up some business. That being said, I just set up my first gig and I can’t find anyplace to add extras to the gig.

I have zero interest in doing custom logo design work (anywhere from 2-5 hours/job) for $5. I had planned on adding the extras in order to make this a feasible source of revenue.

Can anyone tell me how to do this?

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Nope, you will earn from the beginning when you have a good quality basic gig…

People are making a living out of it… But never start with a negative mind, people notice that… Also you can let people buy 2 or 3 gigs for 1 job… communicate with your buyers!

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Remember how McDonalds started to sell coffee? Exactly: free. Why? Because they wanted to bring in the traffic. So: think like that for the first period of time…

Besides: you can build a portfolio and a pool of satisfied customers that will love your work and wouldn’t mind if you start adding extras. Everyone is used with the extras… just give it some time.

Until then, I can help you by referring some of my clients to you whenever they need a logo. I animate the logos… so, the ones that don’t have one… your way.

What do you think? 🙂

Contact me.



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