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Became Level 2 seller, and my orders have tanked!


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As soon as I posted my gig on fiverr I was doing very well. I easily made level 2 seller in no time, but shortly after making level 2 seller, my traffic tanked. I have received very little orders since then, and the opposite should be true. So what happened? I have great reviews, and high star rating, a level 2 seller, and very little orders. What can i do to change that? Fiverr apparently stopped actively promoting my gig.

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Never rely upon Fiverr to be your only source of traffic and income. Promote your gigs elsewhere online where your prospective buyers are located. That way, you have multiple sources of income, and when one source – such as the Fiverr search system – stops sending you the level of traffic you want, you’ll still have plenty of traffic coming from other sources.

Take responsibility for your own success. You are not guaranteed high traffic or sales levels merely because your gigs are visible in the search results. Your gigs are your own – they are your business ventures on this site. Promote and market those business ventures as you would any other business.

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He he he 🙂




Ok. When Fiverr knows you got up one the Level, know you’ll add extras… so they don’t need to push you any more… so you’ll have to do some other things and the first one to do is to run it like is a business not like you are a freelancer.

For example:

I am in Fiverr with @productionmark but my “branding” for what I do here is “videofiverrgigs” and I made a youtube channel [ http://www.youtube.com/videofiverrgigs ] and a blog [ http://www.videofiverrgigs.blogspot.ca ] to have traffic

coming from the internet. That would be a good first step.

After that there is the Facebook, Twitter and all that…

Am I right?

Mark 🙂



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