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I am extremely unpopular and I don't think I can promote my profile properly. Please help me


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More often than not, the best way to promote is to go where your prospective target customers are located. If you sell hamburgers, go where the hungry people that like to eat hamburgers are located. If you draw Manga characters (as one of your gigs does), then go where the Manga fans are located… and show them your artwork. If you’re a great artist, and others see that, you’ll already have your foot in the door with your target audience.

THAT is the best way to find buyers for your gigs. 😉

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I may be able to help you

Gig videos!!! IMPORTANT!

And since you asked, see this article of mine on the forums here…


and dont fret put something up interesting for a gig, not that the ones you have aren’t just saying, add more gigs, it will help, I’ll buy one from you and comment on it to help get you going if you do as I ask and add gigs and put videos on EVERYTHING, but they need to be good, and of course i have an option for those serious enough to seek assistance with there gig video.

Doesn’t have to be fluffy and the straight edge professional, it needs to be inviting, themed and it needs to say come on… BUY me…

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The first problem I see is how YOU see yourself. By putting out into the Universe phrases like: “I am extremely unpopular…” " I can’t…" this pretty much seals the coffin and will make your “fears” or beliefs become a reality! If you need followers on your Twitter, FB etc, you need to find ways to accumulate them. You have been given a good heads up by some here telling you to show what you do. Do you have a blog? Start a blog and show some of your artwork and write about the inspiration behind it. Then, put a link to your blog in a FB post, or your Twitter feed with hashtags that will draw (ha a pun! LOL) those who are interested in what you do to you. From there you can put links to your Fiverr gig. Follow others who are into Manga, Art etc. Just avoid self defeating attitudes and putting them out there for the Universe to reinforce! Think of yourself as the best Manga artist, and whomever is lucky enough to discover your work and order from you blessed to have even found you! You need to reframe how you see yourself, so that others are attracted to you. You will never be “popular” if you don’t act or believe you are! Fake it til you make it!

One thing I would suggest you DON’T do, and you may be spammed after posting here your woes, is buy into anyone who promises you millions of likes (or even thousands.LOL) to your Twitter, FB or YouTube account. These are often fake and go away or even hurt your account in the end.

Do you have a YouTube account? That could be another place you could showcase your artistic ability. There are many on Fiverr who love to buy drawings, so you should be able to sell something! Do you only do Manga? Can you draw other styles? If so, make a Gig for that too!

Good luck


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