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I need high quality website


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nobody in fiverr or in the world can do it .

i have done seo for 19 years and if you follow white hat method you have a chance

1: google keeps all new site under observation , your domain needs to pass 1 year or so without site being disconnected or giving any errors of any kinds , time outs etc

2: find a domain that matches your keyword , example i want to open a site ( magic wands )

il go buy domain name magic-wands.co.uk , magic-wands.com etc

if you follow this main important bit you have 100% chance of ranking 1st

scientist isnt needed

3: go find some low competition keywords for magic wands and add them in meta’s

4: create meta tags , description and title , make sure all sub pages have unique tags and tites

5: create backlinks uniuqe that matches your site content , dont use fiverr seo service

only 1% out of all a promising you just need to question them before u hire , 99% of them will bombard you with promising words and not explain full detail of there strategy.

6: create unique contents and eye catching pages with no error and easy to navigate site.

make sure you dont have no errors anywere also create custom 404 error page , important is your site being online constantly this just shows how reliable your site is online…

99% of sellers here are full of s++t download google seo pdf it will get you started.

if you dont listen go ahead waste your money

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