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Why are my orders not starting? And what is this "nudge" thing?


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I’m a new seller who has just achieved Level One. Lately when someone places an order, they have to respond in a message or I have to “nudge” them just to get the order to start. I am selling products that don’t require anything from buyers. I thought I would just get an order and I could deliver it, but there’s this extra step. It confuses buyers, delays their delivery, and makes extra work for me.

Here’s what it says when I get an order:


We are waiting for the buyer to submit the requirements.

Until then, the countdown for this order will not start.

Nudge the buyer

I checked “optional” in the buyer requirements section when I created the gigs. I thought that meant I don’t need anything from the buyer so the order should just start. Apparently it means something else.

And what is this nudge thing? When I click it, I see that it sends the buyer a message: “NUDGE NUDGE! Any news about the stuff I need for your order? If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help.” This makes no sense because I don’t need anything from them yet they have to respond to the nudge for the order to begin. “Stuff” also sounds pretty unprofessional.

Is it just me or is selling on fiverr not a very intuitive experience? In my opinion, the seller area is very disorganized and I can’t seem to find things or keep track of things.

If anyone can offer some advice, I would appreciate it.

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When someone orders your gig he first pays it and after that he is supposed to send you info. So someone ordered your gig but didn’t send you info about what to do so order didn’t start yet.

That buttong “nudge” will send him message and email to remind him that he didn’t send info to start the project. He should see it and provide info and your order will start.

Unfortunately, some people forget on it or I do not know why but never send info. So practically they have given $5 to fiverr and got nothing for it 😃

For example I have 11 incomplete orders of that kind. One of them even from 2011 and it is still there. I nudge people from time to time, like once in 2-3 months to see if they will maybe reply. But I do not hope that orders from 2 years ago will be ever started 🙂

I suggest you to nudge your buyer once again in 2-3 days. If he does not respond even after 2-3 days I suppose he will never do that.

Although I had some nudges succeeded after more than a year 😃

p.s. your requirements message is maybe not so clear so people just leave it after they see what you need of their info. Do not know.

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Some of buyers almost never read their email regularly unless they need it. Surprisingly they are very active in Fiverr. I have tested the nudge button and get about 10% of response rate. And when I try to contact them in the inbox (conversations page) and ask for fulfill the required info then I get about 80% response rate.

Also try to let them know where they need to send the required info by giving the link to the exact order page. Most of them are not tech savvy.

Hope your business successful 🙂

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