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Can someone tell me if coding based 2 page website design is doable in Fiverr. Am new here. I see a lot of people offering PSDs and JPEGs for a site but that is not what I want. I’m willing more than $5 and I need

  1. A 2 page site with two columns, one will act as a menu bar
  2. Am a photographer and so, when the site is visited, the black space needs to have three images which will have a left and a right arrow key to check more images. I need an option to upload photos so that it changes dynamically.
  3. When the FB link is clicked, a new window with my FB page opens.
  4. When contact us link is clicked, it will show the content in the right hand side black space - a simple form, Name, mail, Phone No and a comments box
  5. Testimonials when clicked, will show the content in the black space (I can do basic HTML, so no worries for this)
  6. About us (Same as Testimonials)
  7. Important, in the left hand panel, it should the visitor how man facebook friends of the current site visitor have already liked my page and how many likes I currently have.
  8. Most important, recent posts, I need to have a blog option and when I blog, the recent most blog titles will display. Blog content will be wedding images…
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