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Beware of Those Selling Tons of Backlinks, too


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Buying tons of backlinks is a very bad idea for SEO. I explain why in this forum thread: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/4261/if-it039s-artificial-it-probably-ain039t-good

Be very very careful. You may experience a quick ranking boost but it will be followed by a significant drop, and maybe even an deindexing of your site if Google deems your tactics egregious enough.

See the attached note sent out by Google webspam division to webmasters in Webmaster Tools last year:

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Its not just the number of backlinks and that NY Times article contains inaccuracies about what really happened. I was working with the CFO of one of their competitors when all this blew up and was working on the competitors site and I can tell you with 100% certainty they (JC penny) knew this was coming as word was already out that one of their competitors had reported them for doing something which was very, very silly, had idiots doing their SEO and left footprints bigger than bigfoot and got caught for it.

BMW did a similar thing previously, overstock have done it, Forbes have done it and been caught as have other companies and I can tell you I get asked all the time by corporations to look at competitors sites so see if they are doing anything naughty so they can report them to Google and kick them out of the search results.

This is not just about SEO but company profits, with fortune 500 companies looking for any angle they can find on competitors and will do anything they can and hiring dumbo’s to do your SEO is never a clever move.

If you have a small site then sending a tidal wave of backlinks to it is never clever, unless you keep it consistent and the link velocity remains the same, but if its a corporate site it is a different ball game and there is plausible deniability, unless you do something stupid and get caught like JC penny did

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