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What to do when you meet such buyers?


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Hello everyone,

I am at level 2 on fiverr with over 5000 gigs delivered and not even a single negative review. One of my gigs offers video ranking on youtube at page#1 of youtube for given keyword.

I received an order from a buyer. I ranked his video on page#1 on youtube.com and even on position#1. Means, his video came at top on page#1 on youtube for given keywords.

Not even this, my work also made his video to come to page#1 on google.com. That was biggest value i could give to him in 5$.

I delivered order and he told me that his video was already there and i did nothing. I asked him that why would you place an order if your video would already be page#1 and position#1 too. He didn’t answer this question and kept on saying it was already there and i was expecting higher ranking. I said " how can a video go higher in ranking when it has come to highest rank i-e page#1 and position#1 ". But he was on same line " you did nothing " and told me that he will leave a terrible review. I wasn’t expecting this and now when he has left a terrible negative review, i am totally disappointed. What should we do in case of such buyers??

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Hi oldbittygrandma,

It’s always good to see you 🙂

Yes i have sent an email to fiverr support regarding this issue. It seems they are too busy in maintenance. It’s been over 18 hours but i didn’t receive a reply yet. I am sure they will reply and help me out.

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