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As a mature adult I’m not sure how useful this is long term or overall really, but we are all human, and have our own resolves, I certainly do, and it can be short at times for certain types of things, its a flaw of mine, I don’t do stupid very long, before I remove stupid from my presents, and some just rub us the wrong way. And well, I’m not sure if there is one, I’ll poke around, I haven’t seen one yet. However, I think being able to completely ignore a person’s posts, here on the forums, where you can’t see what they say, or maybe it could work both ways, might be a good thing. If you feel they will bring the less positive reactions and energy out of you or that is a downright a hall monitor type that you are like whoa, I wish they were in the room with me types, but then like no I’m glad they aren’t I’d catch a case, you know the ones that feel their input matters more than it should or that is always in your business to say things not helpful instead of just shutting up, the type that feels like, wearing the security badge makes them a cop. or that acts like they run the forums they are in or something like that, someone all around that has little popping in life and is in everyone else’s cheerio’s, but in like a way that’s its like, wait, why did they say anything that wasn’t helpful, why do you care, that sort of under educated type thing, and pushing you in slight ways over time, gently maybe, that will eventually make you leave your calm state and put the person in their place on a regular basis on sight, constantly, LOL and is so annoying that you should be able to like completely avoid seeing their name… Well I wish you had that button, if you do already, let me know, if you don’t, lemme know I’ll code it for ya, gimme a source platform to work off of, cause I need the ignore button! LOL - Nah its not really so bad, but I would love to be able to ignore those I don’t find useful at all. The type that are gonna always be where you are and get surpassed constantly so they live to voice something, just to be heard, to feel they belong or are special, and everyone is in their own way, some just mess it up and make it hard to see, I’m sure Many feel that way about someone and it’s terrible, it truly is, I feel terrible about, that’s why an ignore would be great, erase the connection, prevent the quake!!! 😉 lol -Alright just a suggestion…


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