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We want jobs (New Seller)


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I’m a new seller, about 7/8 days now, I get 2 or 3 gigs a day,

5 or 6 just today thus far and plenty of day to go…So…not sure I get the point of the post but okay…

I can say I doubt the forums is a real place to find work accept maybe the My Fiverr Gigs area, maybe…

Be well…

Best Regards,

Michelltech (ROB)

Your First Stop On Fiverr.com!

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your typing gig works fine… it just does not have enough buyers for it so I think it is pretty ok offer… your data entry gig is duplicated so I didn’t check… your logo making gig you could offer psd format also for a price of $5 and when you get enough customers and orders you can start giving extras like more money for psd or whatever…

a lot of logo makers here, you must be either cheaper or better… you are cheap but at least offer everything for $5 even revisions 🙂

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