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Language Barriers and Gig Descriptions


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It’s vital you read and comprehend the Gig Description before you make an Order. By not doing so, you just waste everyone’s time. If you don’t understand the Description due to it being poorly written, ask for help with it.

If English is not your first language, then it doesn’t matter how well you speak it, show a little respect with the aggression with seller’s and demanding a cancel and/or refund etc etc because of something that is your own fault, none of theirs. Ff you can’t express yourself properly for the English speaking Seller to understand you, that is not a fault of his/her or their gig. If you can’t understand the description properly because your English language skills are bad or your Google Translator isn’t cutting the mustard translating it just right with slang and other things involved sometimes, then again, That isn’t the sellers fault. Relax, be patient and calm, communicate to the Seller the language barrier, which they are probably already aware of and move forward. It can all be positive, or negative, the choice is always your own.

Seller’s aren’t your personal punching bags. And $3 and change USD isn’t a big enough score for an american seller at lest to deal with way too much nonsense from you, so reconsider the rudeness. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I Handle rude people swiftly, and have not a single regret or worry of loss of sale.

It’s the ones that purposely try to hang in there when its obviously going bad, vindictive types, so they can try to get at you in other ways, perhaps forum, or a review or maybe even a rating. Regardless, be warned, all your going to do is prevent Good sellers with quality service from dealing with you, well that’s the ropes for my team at lest. The your left with the scrubs gigs.

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