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Howdy marvelous fiverr community,

All buyers and seller must know : fiverr showed me it potential as soon as I posted my gigs. I realize the opportunity fiverr is giving me everyday to build my financial freedom and become independent and because I am a believer, I will stick with fiverr until I reach my goal. This was my sweet instruction to what is following.

I learned a lot being on fiverr. I think that fiverr’s team try their best to create a pleasant enthronement for everyone. As proof, you could refer to fiverr’s reviews system or it’s blog or even this wonderful slowly growing forum! It is not only about selling and buying, it is also about helping.

I know some people on here really don,t believe in fiverr’s potential and so they start saying that fiverr’s not worth keep on trying. I have to admit it, it is hard to always make money on fiverr but you can’t say that you can’t make money with because a lot of people are there to prove you that you can! Take them as models!

I remember when I first joined fiverr 4 months ago… I depressed… So I decided to live fiverr aside. I doubted a lot about fiverr. I had questions like : " It’s full of services that are the same, why would someone buy mine if I got no review ?", “5$… is it really worth getting tired for such ammount?” But I decide to come back when I started to read some success storied about fiverr.

You are responsible of your success, depending on the hard work you will put in it! Everyone will encounter difficulties in life but that does not mean you should drop. You should keep on pushing… I learned something valuable in life and by trying to build my financial freedom : failure is important… You can not succeed if you haven’t failed. But don’t just failed, ask yourself why you have failed.

A key to start selling on fiverr is to promote your gig and fiverr’s team make you notice that as soon as you finished creating your gig. Plus, they suggest you some awesome method to do so. It is by promoting that you will be able to stand over the crowd!

VIDEOS! You should upload a video on fiverr. I, myself, am not very comfortable in front of a camera so I try to make animation videos for my gigs. But I suggest you upload a video with you on it explaining your gig… because most people won’t really bother reading your description. Imagine if you are looking for a service and that a lot of people are offering the same : they all have descriptions but only one has a video… YOU WON’T READ ALL THE DESCRIPTIONS! So the video is there as support to make sure that the buyer really knows what he is buying. And believe me, when you know what you are buying, you don’t feel bad about spending money on it. Also, you can upload this same video to youtube, vimeo, etc. You could generate traffic to your gig this way.

The best modern way to promote something is via social media and fiverr’s team also seem to know that as they recommend you to do so. If you don’t have a Facebook account, create one. Join groups where you could promote your gigs. I SAID PROMOTE NOT SPAM! Don’t just put your link to put them : GIVE A REASON TO THE READER OF YOUR POST TO CLICK AND LEARN MORE ABOUT YOUR GIG! Social marketing is really an accessible method to promote for everyone, you don’t really need to have any skills or tools to do social marketing.

For the final word, I would like to share with you guys my help on a daily basis. As you may know from visiting my profile, I am a social marketer, I LOVE SOCIAL MEDIAS and I think they will be to consider as huge potential for the future. I have created a Facebook page to help you guys on here. On this page I will be giving some tips, referring you to some great readings that will help you, giving away some free stuff : I could offer for some limited time one of my gig for free on there. I would like to see people succeed and I would like to be part of their success.

Also, the on this Facebook page, I want buyers to post their gigs, once every week, I will go through all the gigs and suggest some changes. Per example, if you are a new seller, you should give a reason for buyers to buy from you and not the other and THE FIRST LINES OF YOUR DESCRIPTION have to show this : make a limited time offer “Buy 2 and get one free”… I will also go through all of those gigs and try to promote some of them.

You could also ask me any question on their and share your knowledge back… I will try my best to answer to everything.

I would be pleased if you join me, here is the link to the Facebook page :


And until next time, HAPPY GIGIN’ YOUNG GIGERS!

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