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Great Idea for Fiverr which can revolutionize whole fiverr System


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yes !!

i get a great idea which can change the whole system

A instant chat messenger between seller and buyer like in the facebook ( i got idea from there only )

if seller is online - green light should blink and for offline nothing


  1. More the live communication more will be order, more will be orders then obviously profit scale of every seller increases.

    2.Instant reply (no need to wait in the message box for new message to come)

    3.Can easily sort out the issues happened in the gig, if buyer didn’t like the delivery

    4.If you people introduce microphone system(no words to say, freaking awesome )

    5.Seller and buyer both will be happy , then

    what else needed ? all the problem that are arising now sorted out …cool

    6 Finally last but not the least because more advantages are there but not coming now but

    can be seen in near future

    Fiverr Will be in more or huge profit compared to today’s situation

    I am not asking anything for my this idea

    but if you really love it

    what ever you give me i’ll take it as memorable gift. 🙂



    (Shivam raj)–> love u fiverr <3
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no no no MADMOO :

like the way message stored in inbox what ever you talk with our buyers

in the same way

it can be be monitored easily…

information exchange never will arise, because fiverr can check who is sharing information ? 🙂

and punished accordingly

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Reply to @cyberfixi: This cannot be monitored effectively. There are over 600k accounts on fiverr and due to the nature of messenger, storing the logs and scanning them is just not going to work and would cost some serious time just to set this up. I do not think this will happen.

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Reply to @markp:

hey hey hey

markp why are you thinking in a negative way that it can’t be possible

you are feeling it can’t be possible because my friend you are think only

upto your level only, you are talking about 600k and what about facebook if he also starts thinking in this same same that it can’t be possible… facebook thinks and taken the action and it manifested.

and he is getting more and more daily signups just because of the feature that he given


you just think its 2013 now

and after 5 yr i.e. 2018… no changes you’ve seen just because monitoring can’t be possible for fiverr, there must be a very good team of programmer, its their duty and they are perfect in their job to do that…

if einstein and famous scientists didn’t do the new things then we can’t see this new world and not even fiverr. Think positive my friend

and its all for the welfare of fiverr and we all

every one on the fiverr get profit … think that

more the communication more will be the orders

for example :-

like if one write money in the message box

fiverr warns to write money

its just a example, that you no need to worry for monitoring and all its a very small issue



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Reply to @madmoo: Agreed.

Also, I feel that the messaging system Fiverr already has is enough for communication purposes. I mean, it’s almost instant if both parties are on at the same time.

It would be nice… but I feel there are better things Fiverr could be working on to be honest.

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Reply to @prohelper27:

oh my god

why you people are not understanding that

it creates a problem when it will come, think positive

in future fiverr can be the greatest site like facebook and all

people can chat as well as do they their on social networking site …

then fiverr can be place where people meet ,chat or interact with each other and earn but all thing within the fiverr only.

and you are the part of fiverr think in that direction

again i am saying more will be the communication more will be the order and

orders= $$$$$$

and we all know this

i am not insulting here anyone, only saying just for the sake of all of fiverr and all of us


cyberfixi—> i love you fiverr

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Reply to @cyberfixi: In my opinion, Fiverr is NOT a social networking site. It is a site in which we conduct business. There is no need to turn it into a social networking site and have it be in competition with Facebook and such sites.

And like I said before, I feel there are much more important changes that need to be made to Fiverr than implementing an instant messaging system.

Don’t worry, I am not taking your words as insult. 🙂 I understand what you are saying. I just don’t agree, that’s all.

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Reply to @prohelper27:

why should i worry ??

my friend friend its all your thinking in what way you want to think i can’t stop you. my my dear friend no problem at all

but i think if someone can think for fiverr from where i am watching fiverr in the . best sites , yes best sites not even in the top best sites

you know what , what i want to say:

more the communication more will be the order

for example some sellers fails deliver order what the buyer wants its all because of the communication

communication via text and clear voice (microphone) both are very different from their aspects

its because in voice communication we feel the emotions in his voice and draw exactly he wanted correct!!!

but in the text - you can’t feel those who can feel they are today in list of top sellers

i wanted this knowledge distributed all among us

this is the reason why maximum people perfect in their own job but can’t able to give best on fiverr





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