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It has long been no buyers [ARCHIVED]


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In the past I often serve many buyers

but now sales are down.

Usually what is the cause?

It’s been a long time I was in level 2

I certainly want to go up to level 3.

But it has not happened until now.

Is it because the rating has not reached 100%?

And how to achieve a 100% rating?

Thank you very much.

Arnold 🙂

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Honestly the easiest way I have seen to achieve a TRS rank is to get a VERY high volume of sales. Consistency doesn’t seem to be all that relevant. It just seems like once you hit a high level of sales, you’re automatically pushed into TRS. There are some “questionable” TRS users that have nothing unique at all but have a ridiculously high volume of sales

The other way of course is to be hand-picked by Fiverr’s staff and be considered as a unique enough assortment of gigs to appeal to them and get pushed into TRS that way. You can write about you and a background story to them at their community area(I don’t recall the name of it.) to draw attention to your gigs.

“Achieve 100% rating”? You start out with 100%. Lowest I have ever been was 99% but only temporarily as I either work things out with the buyer or customer service. I guess offer quality enough services and communicate with your buyer.

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