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Are you allowed to have multiple accounts/identities on Fiverr?


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Just like the title says. I have noticed a few sellers have different names and accounts, but are the same person and I was curious if anyone knows if this is OK or not? Is it possible to create multiple accounts and corner the market, so to speak.

Sheriff’s Note: Please refer to the Fiverr FAQ for information on this topic. This thread is now closed. You may be interested in this post: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/70207/how-many-accounts-per-computer-or-ip-address-resolved

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No. It is against the rules.

It kind of defeats the purpose because if you have multiple accounts you can rate your own gigs and Game the system.

If you are caught with multiple accounts I’m pretty sure they will ban you.

However, with that said. Just because you see gigs that look the same (Or are even worded the same with the same picture) that doesn’t mean it’s the same person.

There is an ongoing problem with sellers “Stealing” people gig descriptions and pictures. Even videos. I’ve had my video used for other gigs 3 times now. Each time I message the person and they have deleted it. But that’s another topic all together.

Quick answer? No.

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