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Hmm anyone having a problem withdrawing your funds?


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I’ve started the withdraw process via the revenues menu and clicked the link they sent me in my e-mail as usual.

I still havent gotten the funds delivered. Its been like 30 minutes. Usually its within 1 minute. Is anyone else having this issue right now by any chance? I’ve just got a knot in my stomach until I get paid.

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Wow… seriously fiverr? I was going to use this money to buy dinner and now I see the funds were put back into my fiverr account but your system says I can only initiate a withdrawal once per day.

Thanks fiverr, I wonder what I’m going to eat tonight.

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Yes I withdrew yesterday and it took a couple of hours - it will have been transferred though it just stays in your Fiverr balance for a while after withdrawal.

From every downfall a lesson can be learnt - withdraw your money earlier next time, funds only clear once per day so there’s no point waiting until the last minute!

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I started my withdraw at 6:00 , stores close at 9:00.

You mean I’m expected to wait 3 hours? Thats cool.

I got an e-mail saying "Your withdraw was successfull!"

Then on fiverr I see the "Withdraw Failed"

Funds are now back in my account.

I click again to withdraw .

It says "You can only withdraw once a day"

So … what have you got in defense for that ?

Are you saying its ok for us to deal with a broken system or will you stand up for whats right and demand stuff gets better around here?

Thats all I’m posting for.

If something is broke , and its important enough , I post here.

Maybe you are okay not getting your money when you worked for it.

But I’m not bro.

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If the withdraw Failed. I should be able to attempt to withdraw it again.

I have stuff to do , a business to run , a family to feed.

Don’t limit me to withdrawing once if there is a chance of failure fiverr.

That is all.

Tighten up your ship.

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Here I am a day later trying to withdraw.

The system still says "You can only withdraw once per day , try again tomorrow"

Customer support’s reply back to me was something along the lines of…

"We can’t initiate the process on our side , you must wait another day"

Thanks fiverr


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Reply to @zarklon: It might count a day later 24 hours after your last processing time. So if you tried to process your payment at 5:30 when yesterday it was at 6:00 it hasn’t been 24 hours yet, and so hasn’t officially been a day later since your last processing time. At this point it should be, so perhaps try again now?

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