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Been here a year! ;-)


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One year ago I delivered my first Fiverr illustration. I joined ‘just to see’ and it’s grown from there without me expecting anything really.

One year on I’m still here, 372 orders on and 6k better off 😉 It’s been fun.

The money’s a nice bit of extra income although nowhere near supposed ‘real world’ rates, but I get lots of diverse work from all sorts of people, all pleasant and reasonable 😉 and all really pleased with my what I deliver, which is good for the fragile freelance ego. . .

I wouldn’t want to be much more busy though.

I have a difficult commercial decision to make. I don’t want Fiverr to take up more of my time, but I am getting more, and bigger projects coming in. I could put prices up, to filter out some of the more speculative projects, (and get a better rate for what I do of course) but that would also filter out some of the small jobs I like doing for people.

Oh well, you can’t be nice to everyone all the time. . . And there are worse dilemmas to have for sure 😉


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