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Looking for a reasonably priced illustrator

Guest cust0mcr3ationz

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Guest cust0mcr3ationz

Hi Fiverr friends,

Ok so i’m starting to migrate away from the Fiverr game I have been working here awhile. I still get orders, just not as many as I used to. I decided to start writing my own children’s stories about different family issues. My first book is going to be about a boy with epilepsy since I also have epilepsy. It’s already written i’m putting the finishing rouches on it. I am looking for someone who can do black and white with clean lines or basic color illustrations for a good deal. I’m a graphic designer myself, but in no way an illustrator. I would need a few starting off, but probably 10 in total for the first book. Anyone interested please respond to this message or PM me, but I don’t want a flock of Fiverr sellers like seagulls from Finding Nemo. I’m looking for newer sellers that need ratings or ones that need some Fiverr experience. If I like your gig i’ll order and put you in my Fiverr blog.



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