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Fiverr disabled my messaging and support does not answer my request


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Hi, for some reason fiverr disabled my messaging, I still do not know what did I do wrong. I give counselling service through videocall, It’s obvious that I need to give to my buyers my contact info in order to be able to speak with them through videocall and provide the service, before create the gig I opened a ticket in fiverr support for ask if I could offer that kind of service and they told me “Yes you can, but you need to specify that you provide support through videocall in your gig’s description”. And I did exactly what they told me. Then after a month I see my messaging is disabled, I tried to follow all the fiverr rules and I still do not know what did I do wrong, I receive tons of messages every day and I can’t answer, I created a ticket in fiverr support more than 1 week ago and they do not answer, Im lvl 2 and it’s supporse we have better support (I can’t imagine lvl 1 or less).

So now I think they are ignoring my request, and Im being killed by them in my fiverr career still without any reason.

I just decided to post this situation to see of someone else had a similar situation, or maybe an advice or get some of exp from other people.

Thanks. =)

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I had similar thing happen to me just a minute a go.

I can’t see my message in our thread with my client.

My message had a red warning text about direct sales, but my message had nothing to do with that.

Is this automated by Fiverr and will my message go to some kind of moderation?

Thanks for help!


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