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Is it OK for someone to steal my gig images? With my own name on those images?


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I have accidentally found that someone is using my gig images. If you go to Wordpress Developement -> Cloning & Migration, you’ll see two gigs having same image. He didn’t even bothered to remove “by wordpressguru_” :))

Now, the biggest problem (its really annoing) is that the user who used my gig image, is ranked much more higher than me on “Recommended”, even if he have zero sales on that gig, and I have ~500 sales.

What do you say… it’s OK te leave that user using my gig image? Or should I fill a complain to support?

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I had my images stolen before too, I contacted support right away.

I could have give him a “chance,” but he/she should have not stolen my image

in the first place, so personally I don’t see it as being cruel at all if you report this guy without

contacting him first.

Of course, it is up to you. Whether you decide to tell him first or report him though,

this type of behavior shouldn’t be allowed. sigh~~

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I had my Gig description and images stolen as well awhile back. Sorry, but there is no need to be “fair” and give the offending user a “chance”. Do you really think that those who “steal” others images, Gig descriptions etc have clean hands and are not trying to undermine the hard work you put into your Gig or the sales you have made? Come on! They know what they are doing - they are taking a short cut, and hoping to make some money off of your efforts. Sorry, but I don’t feel they deserve any slack. I report anyone who steals my Gig and images word for word or SPAMS my in box here trying to sell me 5million YouTube views or FB likes. LOL I have zero tolerance for scammers and that is what these people are.

Period. I would report the offender. Let them create their OWN Gig, images and content.


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Reply to @ilovecustomers: I’m not cruel at all :)). I only want your opinions. I believe that many level 2 and TR sellers had same problem. That’s why, I wanted to ask you first, instead of filling a complain.

P.S. Is not a very good feeling, seing your image used by someone else. Many of my returning clients know me because of that image. And isn’t a very pleasant feeling, knowing that someone else might steal me a client, a client for which I have worked hard to make it return to me.

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if anybody has there image stolen contact the user it is 100% sure these guys are noobs give them a chance , just because your on top of a ladder and they are not dont go to cs man have some heart i se so many evil all around.

i have seen most of the customers try and blackmail to they take there order after 3months they file dispute wtf

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Reply to @ilovecustomers:

True, usually the new people tend to steal images, but when I first started here

I was a newbie too, I was at the bottom of the ladder, I worked hard to create

my gig and come up with the best sample images, and it took me a while to get my first order, but I have never stolen other people’s images/description since

that is simply wrong. Whether the person is new or not, they should know that.

Is it just me being shocked by you saying "they are noobs, they don’t


Sorry, I’m not trying to pick on you or anything, but you saying that

surprised me quite a lot.

If a newbie spammed the forum asking people to check their gigs

out in the wrong category, that I can still understand since I assume

they didn’t read the rules for the forum.

But stealing is simply not allowed, and people should be able to know

that, and there shouldn’t be a rule saying "please do not steal

other people’s gigs/images/description."

If you are going to talk about giving people a chance,

I’m with you 100%, believe me!!

We should all get the chance of offering a gig here at Fiverr!! 🙂

If someone new joined Fiverr, I would like them to succeed.

But stealing? Nah, doesn’t work for me.

Well, I can go ahead and talk about this forever, and we might not ever

agree with each other, sad thing is that I know

I’ll come across another fake gig in the near future.

If I happen to find a gig that is copying yours, I will make sure to

notify you first so you can decide what to do with the seller 🙂

But as for me though, if I find a gig that is copying mine…I’m sure

I’ll go straight to CS. You might ask me and other strict sellers to

have a heart, but I’d tell the sellers who steal to have some common

sense and respect.

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