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My Best Selling Day On Fiverr So Far!


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I had an interesting order yesterday with my business development gig. He had a cool product and wanted me to review its functionality and suggest ways to make it more appealing. He purchased the basic gig and I fulfilled his wish. THEN, he kept coming back over and over again asking for more help, this time purchasing my gig extras just to get my opinion to help him develop his product’s pricing, name, description, content and delivery type. Basically, I took his basic idea and structured his entire product offering for him after he bought 4 gigs from me. Sweet!

He was polite, funny and easy to work with. I had to send him a note that I really enjoyed working on his project. Most of the people I work with are just like me, entrepreneurs who really want to make a difference with their products. It is exciting to see who will contact me next and what their dreams consist of. And it feels really good that they appreciate my creativity, my ratings are great! I keep watching my inbox, wondering who I will meet next.

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