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Payoneer Link On My Account is not clickeable after trying to register payoneer card


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Hy there, Please what do I do here, I once registered an account with payoneer through their website to enable me withdraw my earnings, but I couldn’t get it as estimated, so I decided to use the Payoneer link through my account but after clicking on it, I was told that I have registered before using the same email address and since then, the payoneer link appeared not to be going through when I click on it. Now I have decided to ship my card through DHL so that it will be delivered to my door step and payoneer required I should click on the payoneer link on my account and from there try requesting/registering another account to enable them finalize the process before they ship my card. Please advises and tips are needed. Thanks - See more at: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/46357/payoneer-link-on-my-account-is-not-clickeable#Item_3

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