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Didn't you try this method to improve your daily orders?


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Hi Fiverr Sellers,

Do you know that the gig picture of your gig is very important to gain your orders?I saw many of sellers create a gig using a blurry google picture.Don’t waste this valuable facility and Don’t keep your gig in a boring looking.As my 2 year+ experience I understood how gig picture help to increase of daily orders.Gig picture gives a attractive look for your gig and it force to buyers to stay at your Gig.Also there is a chance for your gig being place on recommend pages and search lists,if it have a eye-catching Gig picture.For a successful Gig picture,it must be designed in a eye-catching looking and also it must be have some important things according to the Fiverr policies.So try this method and surely you can see improvement of your daily orders.

Sometimes you will not be a graphic designer or you haven’t a ability to design your gig picture.Don’t worry! This message for those sellers who need a help to design your gig picture.

Go to the below post to design your gig picture.


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This is NOT the forum in which sellers promote their gigs. Gig promotions belong in the MY FIVERR GIGS forum. I recommend removing your gig link in this thread before the mods do it for you.

Keep this forum about seller tips – such as the first part of your post about the importance of gig photos. Remove the gig link, but feel free to repost the link in the MY FIVERR GIGS forum.

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